HadePay is a financial technology startup that develops infrastructure for fiat and blockchain payments. We are the only payment service that enables digital currency and fiat currency payments in one place. We serve every industry with mobile, online, and store payments while offering additional features such as point of sale, checkout, and online store to give our customers everything necessary and desired to serve their customers.

Flat Rates

HadePay’s flat rate pricing gets your business processing payments fast, but we will actively shop our third-party underwriters for lower fees. Contact your HadePay reseller or account manager to learn how your business can earn 25% of its monthly processing fees* back each month, FOREVER!


Instant Approval

Whether you already accept credit card payments or need a card processor, HadePay is ready to serve with a diverse offering of services built for your business.
The first step is setting up a merchant account with a quick application. Our applicants are typically within minutes, which means your business will be able to quickly access and leverage all of our innovating payment processing and business management solutions.




Merchants who choose our flat rate pricing are typically approved to begin processing payments within minutes of submitting their application, and are able to choose between several hardware options depending on your business needs. If your business requires something different, HadePay works with all of the major hardware providers to deliver competitive rates with the devices you need.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to offer breakthrough payment & business management services that enable our customers to accelerate sales growth, reduce costs, and reach more of their addressable market. We measure success by our ability to accomplish these three goals for each and every customer.

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HadePay is the first hybrid payment processor of credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrencies for business. Our mission is to increase your business sales by creating more revenue streams and reducing your costs with a powerful payment and business management solution.

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Interested In Hearing More About HadePay?

We treat every merchant as a unique business with their own needs. Every HadePay merchant has a support specialist to help your business reach its goal by utilizing HadePay technology. We develop a custom processing plan for each merchant and personally work with your business from day one.


Introducing the most diverse and innovating solution for online credit card processing. HadePay is the only technology that allows your business to host its own shopping cart, storefront, or process payments within a third party Web and mobile applications.
Decide which strategy is best for your business or utilize all three online payment solutions and manage the customer and transaction data from your dashboard..

HadePay offers businesses a robust omni-channel solution to process payments in many environments, including store, e-commerce, storefront, or integrated into a third party mobile application.
The HadePay mobile application allows you to enter payments manually and email a receipt to your customers. You can also send invoices or request payments so that customers can quickly pay with their mobile device.
Our HadePay Mobile Card Reader is compatible with most smartphones and tablets and encrypts sensitive card data to keep payment information safe and secure.


Leverage the most powerful point of sale (POS) systems with the innovating technology of HadePay. POS technology has improved drastically over the last decade and HadePay brings the next generation software to give your customers more payment options without complicating the checkout experience or adding more strain on the merchant. Access payment data and business data in real time from your dashboard anywhere, anytime.


Instant Approval


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What better for a business that is sometimes local and sometimes mobile to have a card processor that connects to any bluetooth device and can process payments anywhere? Fast, reliable, and light-weight, HadePay has a solution that’s small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to never let you down.

If capturing payments immediately regardless of where you are is important, then the HadePay mobile card reader is perfect for you. Simply plug the mobile reader into your lightning or audio jack, open the HadePay mobile application, then select one of your products/services or enter an amount to capture payments instantly.

Our countertop swipe and chip card reader is ideal for any business that operates in a central location(s), those that require store payments. The card reader plugs into your computer or POS hardware and also comes with a USB wireless option. Merchants can use the HadePay Web-based point of sale software to select products and services sold before pushing the payment total to the card reader.


* monthly processing fees are defined as revenue generated from processing payments by HadePay. It does not include fees charged by card companies or underwriters.

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